Software architecture, Blockchain (Bitcoin / EVM / Celo), Distributed File System (DFS), mobile development with Android, Java, full-stack web services utilizing javascript with node.js, and enterprise software solutions.

About Brandy

 I believe in the power of decentralized technology to create a more equal, just, and prosperous society. 

My areas of passion span software architecture, web3, mobile, enterprise, and the broader spectrum of blockchain technologies. A significant highlight in my career was the creation of the Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program, which has successfully produced over 3,000 global graduates.

Prior to spearheading blockchain initiatives, I held the role of Lead Technical Project Manager at Udacity. I also founded Network Designs, a company specializing in architecting software solutions.

In my recent chapter, I devoted my time to the Celo ecosystem, acting as a bridge between technology and business, creating unique opportunities and facilitating growth. I am grateful for the experience, knowledge, and relationships formed during my time at Celo.

As I transition into the next phase of my journey, I am excited to apply my insights and expertise in broader, more creative avenues. I remain committed to empowering others through technology and look forward to sharing this exciting journey ahead.

My Story

How I Got Started

I eventually discovered my passion for technology at 13 years of age. I remember it vividly, It was early summer near my 14th birthday during a visit to my grandparents in Campbell, California. 

I attended a local tech swap meet for the first time. I stumbled across an old 8086 suitcase computer with dual floppy drives for sale. The green screen captivated my attention along with bundled software included – Dr.Dos, MSDOS, BASIC, and Old Oregon trail.

Over time, I got bored of the bundle, this led me to discover my love for reverse engineering. Old Oregon trail had a limited decision tree, this was my first hack; a modified Old Oregon trail to support new storylines.

Age 14: developed a list of suppliers and started a freelance business building and selling customized hardware. The motivation was to gain access to new computer resources and remain current with trends (80286/386/486).

Age 15: I was introduced to Red Hat Linux, Windows 2.0, and the new world of GUI design and internet services.

Age 19: 1998 – Y2K bios bug was the limelight of the news. This provided the opportunity to enter professional services. I started servicing government and enterprise clients with advance networking environments utilizing Windows NT workgroups, linux & Novel. This ultimately led me to the formation of Network Designs, a company focused to support enterprise and business-to-business software/hardware solutions known as managed I.T. services.


 2007: Focus pivoted to mobile software solutions utilizing the Android platform with web2 backend services. Why? I was tired of Blackberry and knew we could do better.

2011-2014: I needed to expand my network and embed myself within the Google development community focused on software development education and awareness. I was a Google I/O and women’s in-tech ambassador. 

2015-2019: Google development community  introduced me to Udacity. I took on the role as an Android Engineer. It was clear to me, I needed to go all-in, which led me to sunset Network Designs; my role with Udacity was more impactful.

Initial focus was Android mobile apps that would onboard students with tooling to help them select their learning path, and study habits.

In a fairly short period I was promoted to Technical Project Manager (TPM) running multiple software development projects that impacted Udacity core & student services. Due to the success of my TPM role, I was quickly promoted to Senior TPM.

I noticed a gap at Udacity; there was a lack of Blockchain depth. I was eager to contribute to the blockchain space with a mission to accelerate adoption. The goal was to create an advanced program that included the foundational components needed to ramp-up newbies. The program vision was globally focused on the next generation of blockchain engineers.

I prepared material, crafted a plan, and pitched the idea to create Blockchain ND at Udacity. Fast forward today, the program is live accepting students with an average 4.5-star rating out of 5.

Currently: Working to build the next generation of blockchain services with Celo 🙂 

"Brandy is a Swiss Army knife when it comes to technology. ... She is the queen of "figuring it out"... She is thoughtful, professional, and overall a joy to work with."

Kathleen Mullaney

"most brilliant, ambitious, amazing, out-of-the-box thinking, caring, problem-solving individual that I've ever met.... she helped manage 100s of projects simultaneously, cared for 100s of happy customers, and worked to build so many complex technical things (mobile apps, web platforms, data lakes/warehouses, cryptocurrency mining farms, computer systems, blockchain technology applications, implementations of machine learning algorithms, etc.).... any company is lucky to have her be a part of it. "

Tina Lai

"I was very impressed by Brandy's professionalism... Brandy was overseeing several other international projects at the same time. They all had different clients and they were using a variety of different technologies and were all staffed virtually.... Brandy is a strong leader "

Dave McKay

What I Do

Software Architecture, technical projects, Blockchain, Web3, Fullstack, Android, & ML/AI