Problem: Udacity is known for supporting disruptive technologies yet, there was a complete lack of support for decentralized technologies, platforms & blockchain immutable recordsets.
Role: Product creator, lead project architect, curriculum lead, project manager, and blockchain engineer.
Impact: Successfully built & launched a global program educating the next generation of blockchain engineers.

Blockhain ND Program Website 

Blockchain ND Syllabus 

At Udacity, I was the intersection to blockchain technologies. I naturally embraced numerous hats.


Being dynamic was key to my success. I had to pivot from idea, network/pitch, build, and launch. My strongest skill set was my ability to network and engineering projects. I was able to secure partnership opportunities with ConSensys, Berkeley University, Factom, and Mad Networks.


Fun fact: Blockchain at Berkeley loved my roadmap, they embraced it! It was the most amazing feeling to be able to build a product and have Berkeley validate and use it.


The next challenge, building a team and educating them to build out content.

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